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LATERAL DESIGN (Pty) Ltd is widely recognised for thoughtful, elegant architectural and construction firm, that emphasises the integration of built form and environment.


Family owned, the company has a combined Construction and architectural experience of 78 years between three. Clients speak to the owners directly. We do not hide behind staff.


One of the firms’ specialities is housing as architecture and construction. Typically this area employs high conceptual example which compromise the ability of living or very pragmatic examples which are focussed on functional and user orientated concerns.


LATERAL DESIGN (Pty) Ltd goal is to elevate housing into a dignified and example of living with architecture.


LATERAL DESIGN (Pty) Ltd provides design, architectural and planning services which strive towards architecture which is uniquely functional and user friendly while utilizing tactile and natural elements to celebrate the colourful spirit of the modern lifestyle.


The firm is further known for its relaxed approach to the practice of architecture, and a more stringent approach to construction. The search for an appropriate and enlightened solution should be a pleasant activity not a torturous one. Many arrangements of architectural involvement are possible. We see ourselves not as top down design professionals but rather as participants operating parallel with special skills and knowledge to achieve a carefully considered design solution.



  • Full design

  • Design and costing for purpose of Bond Applications

  • Full Bill of Quantities

  • Project Costing

  • 3D Model printing - we will print you a model that you can pick up and hold

  • Photo like Visualisations of your project onto paper

  • Project Management - as per regulations to SANS 10400 and NBR

  • Full Turnkey Construction - we have our own teams

  • If you already have your designs and want to establish costs – we will do full Bill and costing for you.

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The 2012 National Building Regulations are operational. As consumer familiarise yourself with the content. Do not get caught out in the cold! It will cost you money from design to project completion.


* Visit our 2012 N.B.R. Page or download the presenation below



Lateral Design has the expertise to design high security areas such as panic rooms and hide-outs for unforeseen criminal activity.

NBR and SANS 10400